Quality Control Report Quality Control: Kibele Corporate Standards

As a company committed to providing its customers with top-quality products, Kibele Corporate places great importance on quality control processes. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction and trust by rigorously applying our quality standards at every stage of our product range.

Quality Standards:

Product Selection and Procurement: Our products, sourced from reliable suppliers adhering to the highest quality standards, are meticulously selected and stored. Storage and Transportation: Our modern storage systems and efficient logistics network ensure that our products are stored and transported safely under appropriate temperature and humidity conditions. Processing and Packaging: Our products undergo strict procedures for hygiene and quality control and are delivered to customers using appropriate packaging methods. Our Quality Policy:

We continuously update our quality standards with a commitment to maximizing customer satisfaction and a culture of continuous improvement. By continuously training our staff, we enhance their awareness and expertise in quality control. We aim to continuously meet customer expectations by considering customer feedback and maintaining transparent communication. Occupational Health and Safety Report Occupational Health and Safety: Ensuring Employee Well-being

Kibele Corporate places great importance on occupational health and safety, adhering to the highest standards to protect the health and safety of its employees.

Our Commitments:

Training and Awareness: We provide regular occupational health and safety training to our employees to foster a conscious approach in the workplace. Risk Assessment: We identify potential hazards in our workplace, conduct risk assessments, and take appropriate measures. Equipment and Facility Standards: We ensure the safety of our employees by providing modern equipment, regular maintenance, and facilities that comply with safety standards. Emergency Plans: To be prepared for emergencies, we develop emergency plans at our facilities and conduct regular drills. Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

We are committed to prioritizing the safety of our employees and strive for zero workplace accidents through continuous improvement efforts. We fully comply with occupational health and safety regulations and adhere to all legal requirements. We continuously strive to provide our employees with a healthy and safe working environment. These two reports aim to provide assurance to customers and employees by outlining your company’s commitments and policies regarding quality control and occupational health and safety.